Ethics & Compliance is a cornerstone of our industry. The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) has a strict and stringent code of ethics and promotion.

The IFPMA has the following guidelines to fulfill its mission:

•  Encourage a global policy environment that is conducive to medicines innovation, both therapeutic and preventive, for the benefit of people around the world.
•  Promote and support principles of ethical conduct and practices voluntarily agreed upon, as exemplified by the IFPMA Code of Practice.
•  Promote and support the adoption of high standards of manufacturing practices and quality assurance for pharmaceutical products.
•  Contribute industry expertise and foster collaborative relationships and partnerships with international organizations dedicated to the improvement of public health, especially in developing and emerging countries.
•  Ensure regular contact and experience-sharing and coordinate efforts of members towards achieving these objectives.

All Pharma Bureau member companies are members of IFPMA or EFPIA, and manufacture, promote and distribute their products in an ethical manner, in accordance with IFPMA or EFPIA rules and regulations for medicines and healthcare.

Pharmaceutical companies’ interactions with stakeholders must at all times be ethical, appropriate and professional. Nothing should be offered or provided by a company in a manner or no conditions that would have an inappropriate influence in prescribing behavior.

The IFPMA has included certain key elements in new provisions on:

• Clinical Research and Transparency
• Fees for Services
• Support for Continuing Medical Education
• Interactions with Patient Organizations
• Training

The Code also includes more information on how complaints should be handled under the IFPMA Code of Practice Operating Procedure.


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