Executive Director

Welcome to the Pharma Bureau website. This is really a work in progress as our aim is it to keep it constantly updated and full of fresh content so that our visitors will keep coming back.

It is our aim to be the one stop information provider on Pharma in Pakistan. We have up to date industry and government data such as variations in currency and the relationship of the CPI to manufacturing costs which would help companies in making projections and business strategies.

The website provides not just information and an insight in to the companies that make up the Pharma Bureau. This not only includes the work they are doing in Pakistan and a look in to CSR and other projects and activities but also new groundbreaking therapies and other work being done by their parent companies.

The website is as good as its users so please be as interactive as possible. The blogs are a valuable information resource so please share your thoughts, knowledge and any information that you can.

I look forward to building this website with you.

Best regards,

Ayesha T. Haq

Executive Director


Chamber of Commerce Building, Talpur Road, Karachi – 74000, Pakistan