The Pharma Bureau is a representative body of multinational pharmaceuticals in Pakistan. Part of the Overseas Investors’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Pharma Bureau  was founded in October, 1988, when a small group of like-minded research based multinational pharmaceutical companies felt the need to have their own separate forum to articulate and resolve the problems and issues confronting overseas investors in the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan. The issues were manifold and diverse, and required a focused and concentrated approach in projecting and solving common collective business interests for the group.

Today there are 21 multinational companies manufacturing and marketing a wide range of excellent quality research based human pharmaceutical products, of which 20 are members of Pharma Bureau.

The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry is an essential, high technology and a strategically important industry. It is an industry which manufactures a wide range of research based life-saving and enhancing medicines and is a major contributor to the health of the people of Pakistan, and to the economic health of the Country.


Chamber of Commerce Building, Talpur Road, Karachi – 74000, Pakistan