B. Braun Pakistan

At B. Braun, acting in a sustainable way is no fad. As a corporate citizen, we have long been taking responsibility in an economical, ecological and social sense through our involvement in a wide range of projects and initiatives at all of our locations. Not only is sustainability part of our company’s values and therefore an essential component of our guiding principle “Sharing Expertise”, but it is also a key success factor in B. Braun’s 170-year history.

As a corporate pioneer, B. Braun aims to play a role in shaping the changes in society, and thus to make a contribution towards social cohesion and improving living conditions. This is why the company takes advantage of numerous opportunities to put its social responsibility into practice. B. Braun companies are active around the globe combating urgent local problems.


Objectives: To help the children in the continuation of their education who cannot afford them stepping towards a better society.

Timeline: A Ongoing Project since 2010
Summary: With a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, B Braun Pakistan is collaborating with Dr. Tipu Sultan, Honorary President of Pakistan Medical Association to support the education of more than 150 school children. Inspired by his spirit of services, B Braun Pakistan approached Dr. Tipu to help identify areas which required our attention. Believing education is a right and not a privilege, B. Braun Pakistan is bearing the cost of books, tuition and uniform so that no child is deprived of his basic right due to lack of funds in different slum areas of Karachi. This is just a humble beginning of our first step towards an educated society. We are still working on our model to bring further improvements as we wish to expand our service to other communities as well. Beneficiaries: Small children with a single parent / orphans who are unable to send their child to school due to lack of income.

Flood Relief Campaign

Timeline: 2010 – 2011
Summary: After the disastrous 2010 floods that took away around 2,000 lives and at least 17 million got displaced, the need of the time was to aid the effectees with the maximum health benefits in order to stop further life damages with the post-effects of the floods. B. Braun Pakistan set up medical camps with the support of volunteers from the medical fraternity and was honored to treat approx. 15, 500 patients of different diseases. Apart from this, funds were raised from the B. Braun employees, both from National & International platforms that were further utilized by different relief camps for the improvement of the sanitary conditions and water supply in the flood areas as priority. For the improvement of the sanitary conditions and water supply in the flood areas in the north-west of Pakistan “Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe” provided an additional sum of € 267,503. The B. Braun donations (€ 23,506) were spent completely for these measures

Objective: To take care of the health issues of the people effected by the floods.
Communication Measures:

1. Volunteer doctors from different hospitals & Medical colleges.
2. Some other pharmaceutical companies whose medicines were being used.
3. B. Braun employees who donated money for the cause.
4. Setting up awareness banners in local language Urdu & Sindhi in the camps for the patients.

Beneficiaries: The flood effectee families were benefited form the project where they were provided medical assistance in order to minimize morbidity & mortality.


Timeline: Targeted for each year. Starting year 2010
Summary: One can almost say that blood is that magic potion that gives life to another person.  Keeping up with this spirit of giving, B. Braun Pakistan arranged a Blood Donation Day that helped collect blood for Tabba Heart Institute’s Blood Bank. A continuous unique program that will be conducted once yearly to contribute to the society to help meet the ever rising demand of blood for the needy.


1. Help the blood Banks in their blood collection process.
2. Awareness to the employees where donating blood is healthy for ones own self.

1. Tabba Heart Blood Bank
2. Donors in this case BBPK employees
3. Patients receiving the blood

Communication measures:

  • Tabba Heart Hospital
  •  Banners, Brochures with Importance of Blood Donations etc. ,
  •  Quiz Program with prizes etc.,
  •  Internal Newsletter



Timeline: October 2011
Short description: As a corporate citizen, B. Braun Pakistan also feels responsible for the environment protection. In liaison with our Global Sustainability concept, B. Braun Pakistan was proud to arrange a Beach Cleaning Activity at SandsPit, in collaboration with WWF –World Wild Life Fund & Eik Koshish- an association formed by teenage students to serve the community. Sandspit Beach is known for its Turtle Hatching and the designed activity played a vital role to clean the beach for the upcoming hatching season and protect it from pollution.

Objectives: Two main objectives were:

1. To contribute in the Wild Life Saving Program and clear the beach for the turtle nesting season.
2. To educate / create awareness about the importance of Wild Life to the children & families of the B. Braun Family.

1. Turtles
2. WWF
3. Ek Koshish (NGO)
4. B. Braun Pakistan

Communication Measures:

  •  In collaboration with WWF.
  •  In collaboration with EK – Koshish
  •  Print & Electronic Media,
  •  Brochures, Video, Banners
  •  Social Media



B. Braun Pakistan celebrates the profession of Nursing through out the year with different activities specially organized for them. In May, since 2010, BBPK celebrates on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, the International Nurses day . In line with the celebration, B. Braun Pakistan gives tribute to the most precious and unforgettable part of the nation “Nurses” and their profession to make this day memorable for all healthcare community through distribution of Cards, Badges, display of Standees, Kiosk, Banners, Cake Ceremony, TV Show, News Paper Ads, coverage in all major news channels. Branded Vans, Billboards for outdoor branding etc. A Quarterly magazine in 2 languages is published for the Nurses in Pakistan with major contributions for it from them.

Objective: To take care of the professionals who serve the most for patient welfare. Nurses are the backbone of the nation’s healthcare industry offering care, & comfort, and serves as role model for good healthcare.

Communication measures: Radio, TV, Print media, Magazine etc