Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, which started up in 1935 as a small family company is today an international company in the pharmaceutical sector and operates in all 5 continents with 24 direct branches, 3 manufacturing plants and 4 research centres situated in Parma (Italy), Paris, Rockville (Maryland – USA) and Chippenham (UK). The Company’s history of continual development is founded on concepts which constitute the basis for its management: strategic innovation, internationalization and ability to plan taking care in the creation of socially compatible economic values. Thanks to the process of internationalization and strategic alliances with international pharmaceutical groups, Chiesi Group drugs and technologies are today distributed in over 65 countries. The Group employs over 3,800 people, approximately 320 of whom are researchers who work in the four Research and Development laboratories, and approximately 600 of whom are employed in the manufacturing sites in Italy, France and Brazil.