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Martin Dow Marker Ltd is the subsidiary of Martin Dow Group. Founded in 1995, Martin Dow Group is one of the largest locally owned pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, a status achieved through rigorous efforts of its management and employees.

Martin Dow Marker Ltd formerly Merck (Pvt.) Ltd has been operating in Pakistan for more than 50 years. We believe in “Creating Distinction for Life” and making difference in the community. As a part of our commitment the company has successfully recognized itself in providing innovative healthcare solutions to all its stakeholders.

The history of Martin Dow Marker Ltd, formerly Merck (Pvt.) Ltd in Pakistan began in 1962 with a small sales promotion office in Karachi called “Emedia Export Company” for the distribution of pharmaceutical and chemical products. Over the years, numerous investments and acquisitions followed. Martin Dow Marker Ltd compound annual growth rates for the past five years have been 12.9% in Pharmaceuticals and 24.6% in Chemicals.

Merck Pakistan becomes a part of Martin Dow Group in 2016 and renamed as Martin Dow Marker Ltd, with approximately 900 employees and 49 brands in Healthcare division.

Around 110 employees manage the business from company headquarters in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. The company markets drugs for the therapeutic areas like diabetes, cardiology, vitamins, analgesics, antibiotics etc. Martin Dow Marker is leader in many therapeutic areas, with more than 600 sales force members for both pharmaceuticals and chemicals businesses are active throughout the country.

We believe there are no generic solutions. Our brand gained recognition through its association with quality, but equally important is its emphasis on identification and innovative marketing strategies. In Pakistan, products are available only on prescriptions to ensure patients never inadvertently harm themselves – regardless of any cost to the company. This is the approach that has long made us distinctive and inspirational.

Martin  Dow Marker is the only authorized distributor of Merck Germany in Pakistan. We deal with the vast products and services of EMD Millipore, Merck Millipore, Sigma, Boule (Swelab) and Elitech which offer products, applications and solutions to Pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, academia & research, clinical labs/hospitals, chemical industry, textile/tanning industry etc.

Our Life Science division also provides the solution for Protein Research and Cell Biology. Life Science is dedicated in making research and biotech production simpler, faster and effective. Providing scientists and engineers with best-in-class technologies, lab materials, and services.

Life Science comprises of three Business Portfolios:

1) Chemicals
2) Diagnostics
3) Performance Material